Enistémi – G1764

Enistémi – G1764

Vine’s Expository Dictionary:

Come, Came (See Also Coming):

lit., "to stand in, or set in" (en, "in," histemi, "to stand"), hence "to be present or to be imminent," is rendered "shall come" in 2Ti 3:1; it here expresses permanence, "shall settle in (upon you)."


2 Verb Strong's Number: g1764 Greek: enistemi

Present (To Be):

"to set in," or, in the Middle Voice and perfect tense of the Active Voice, "to stand in, be present," is used of the present in contrast with the past, Hbr 9:9, where the RV correctly has "(for the time) now present" (for the incorrect AV, "then present"); in contrast to the future, Rom 8:38; 1Cr 3:22; Gal 1:4, "present;" 1Cr 7:26, where "the present distress" is set in contrast to both the past and the future; 2Th 2:2, where the RV, "is now present" gives the correct meaning (AV, incorrectly, "is at hand"); the saints at Thessalonica, owing to their heavy afflictions, were possessed of the idea that "the day of the Lord," RV (not as AV, "the day of Christ"), had begun; this mistake the Apostle corrects; 2Ti 3:1, "shall come."

See COME, No. 26.

Rom_8:38  ForG1063 I am persuaded,G3982 thatG3754 neitherG3777 death,G2288 norG3777 life,G2222 norG3777 angels,G32 norG3777 principalities,G746 norG3777 powers,G1411 norG3777 things present,G1764 norG3777 things to come,G3195

1Ko_3:22  WhetherG1535 Paul,G3972 orG1535 Apollos,G625 orG1535 Cephas,G2786 orG1535 the world,G2889 orG1535 life,G2222 orG1535 death,G2288 orG1535 things present,G1764 orG1535 things to come;G3195 allG3956 areG2076 yours;G5216

1Ko_7:26  I supposeG3543 thereforeG3767 that thisG5124 isG5225 goodG2570 forG1223 theG3588 presentG1764 distress,G318 I say, thatG3754 it is goodG2570 for a manG444 soG3779 to be.G1511

Gal_1:4  Who gaveG1325 himselfG1438 forG5228 ourG2257 sins,G266 thatG3704 he might deliverG1807 usG2248 fromG1537 this presentG1764 evilG4190 world,G165 accordingG2596 to theG3588 willG2307 of GodG2316 andG2532 ourG2257 Father:G3962

2Te_2:2  That yeG5209 be notG3361 soonG5030 shakenG4531 inG575 mind,G3563 orG3383 be troubled,G2360 neitherG3383 byG1223 spirit,G4151 norG3383 byG1223 word,G3056 norG3383 byG1223 letterG1992 asG5613 fromG1223 us,G2257 as thatG3754 theG3588 dayG2250 of ChristG5547 is at hand.G1764

2Ti_3:1  ThisG5124 knowG1097 also,G1161 thatG3754 inG1722 the lastG2078 daysG2250 perilousG5467 timesG2540 shall come.G1764

Heb_9:9  WhichG3748 was a figureG3850 forG1519 theG3588 timeG2540 then present,G1764 inG2596 whichG3739 were offeredG4374 bothG5037 giftsG1435 andG2532 sacrifices,G2378 that couldG1410 notG3361 make him that did the service perfect,G5048 G3588 G3000 as pertainingG2596 to the conscience;G4893

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